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Incolor Hydra Color Cream - N 0.0 - Bleaching Booster - 100ml

Insight INCOLOR is the range of Insight permanent colouring. It is a high quality coloring system that guarantees bright and intense colour.
Perfect for a natural coverage of gray hair

Key Benefits :
  • INSIGHT hair color, guarantees brilliant shades, whilst providing the hair fibre.
  • The formula, with 90% natural derived, has a low percentage of ammonia making the application and processing more pleasant for the hairdresser and the salon client.
  • The formula has been enriched with vegetable Phytokeratin, which has a nourishing action and with Organic Argan Oil and Grape Seed butter, which have antioxidant and protective properties.
  •  Leaves the hair soft and nourished. Exclusive coloring micro-pigments ensure stable and long-lasting results, total coverage of grey hairs and lightning up to a maximum of 5 levels.
  • its delicate fragrance allows for a pleasant application.
  • Allergen and fragrance free.
  • It is a natural color, hence it does not need to be used with a tonal base to reach the desired effect.
How to use :
  • In a non-metallic bowl mix the color with developer, 1:1.5;
  • When using shades from the Super Bleaching series mix one part of cream and two parts of Oxidizing Emulsion Cream (1:2.0);
  • Before the application, it is not needed to wash the hair, but it most be completely detangled, with no residue of cosmetic products;
  • Evenly spread the color and let it process for about 30-35 minutes, depending on the shade, hair type and used developer;
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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